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Cost of Classes, Tuition Costs

Placement of Student

Cost of Classes, Tuition Costs

  1. How much do classes cost?

    The cost of classes is based on a Semester (6, 7, 10 or 12 weeks), and the length/time of a class or classes a single student takes per week (30, 45, 60, or 75 minutes). 

    We do not charge by the month -- you are GUARANTEED a specific number of classes per Semester (Fall = 12 Weeks, Winter and Spring = 10 Weeks each, Mini-Spring = 6 Weeks, Summer = 7 Weeks)

    Workshops and Day Camps are charged on a flat rate for the event.  Most run around $50/Couple (Ballroom & Social Dance, Wedding Workshops), or $50/Day Camp or Workshop (2-day Workshop, 9am-1pm).

    We also offer Discount Deadlines -- 4-6 weeks prior to the event, where you can save 7-10% when you prepay the full amount by the Deadline.

    Payment arrangements are available -- Yearly Registration/Membership Fee + half of Tuition are due prior to start of classes, the balance is due mid-way through the Semester (Does NOT apply to Discounted Rate)

    NOTE:  If tuition is not paid in full by mid-way through a Session, Students may be suspended from class participation, unless payment arrangements are made.

  2. When is payment due?

    The Yearly Registration Membership Fee is due when registering.  A minimum of half the Tuition is due to hold a Student's place in class -- the balance is due mid-way through the Session (Fall = Week 6, Winter and Spring = Week 5, Summer = Week 4).  If an Account is unpaid after the due date, the Student may be suspended from class participation.

    Every Session has a Discount Deadline 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the Session, the savings is 7-10%.  Discounts are for Payment in full ONLY by the Discount Deadline.

    There may be additional Discounts available for multiple classes within a single family, for more than 5 classes per week -- call for details.

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Dress Code and Guidelines, Shoes Required

  1. What type of shoes are required for Dance or Tumbling?

    NOTE -- All pricing is subject to change, based on shipping, wholesale costs, and inflation

    Gymnastic/Tumbling Students are required to wear leather split-sole Acro Shoes with an elastic "V" inset.  White (girls or boys) and Black (boys or Intermediate Level Students) are available for purchase at the studio -- $21/Child, $23/Adult.

    Preschool Creative Movement Students are required to wear LEATHER Ballet shoes (pink or white for girls, black for boys).  Leather Ballet Shoes are available for purchase at the studio for $15 (Child Sizes).

    Pre-Dance Combo and Basic Dance Combo Students are reqiured to wear LEATHER Ballet shoes (pink or white for girls, black for boys) and Tap shoes (Tan for girls, Black for boys) -- any style is acceptable (tie, buckle, slip on)  -- Ballet = $15/Child, $17/Adult, Tap = $23/Child, $25/Adult

    LEVEL 1 & 2 Ballet Students are required to wear Split-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes ($21/Child, $23/Adult) -- Pink for girls, Black for Boys..

    LEVEL 1 Jazz Students are required to wear Black Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes or Jazz Shoes  --  Lace up ($32/Child, $35/Adult) or Slip-on Jazz Boot ($35/Child, $37/Adult) styles are acceptable.

    LEVEL 1 Tap Students are required to wear U-Shell Tap Shoes -- Tan for Girls, Black for Boys -- U-Shell Buckle ($27/Child, $30/Adult), Slip-on Boot ($58/Child, $60/Adult) or Lace up ($57/Child $59/Adult).

    LEVEL 2 Jazz/Hip-Hop Girls are required to wear Tan Split-sole Leather Jazz Shoes -- Lace up Oxford ($28/Child, $30/Adult) or Gore Boot ($35/Child, $37/Adult) are acceptable.  Boys are required to wear Black Jazz Shoes -- pricing is the same.

    LEVEL 2 Tap  Students are required to wear Lace-up Oxford-style ($57/Child, $59/Adult) or Gore Boot/Slip-on ($58/Child, $60/Adult) Tap Shoes (Tan for girls, Black for boys).

  2. What should Students wear for Dance or Tumbling Class?

    Tumbling Students must wear items that are close-fitted (no baggy or loose-fitting clothing).  Leotard and tights are recommended for Girls, Bike Shorts and Tank/T-Shirt for Boys.  Warm-ups (sweatpants, sweat jackets, sweatshirts) are allowed for warmups, but will be removed at Instructor's request, to facilitate proper technique and spotting.

    Shoes must be worn on a bare foot, to prevent shoes from slipping off -- Tights must be footless, convertible or stirrup.

    Creative Movement and Dance Students -- For Girls, Leotard and Tights are recommended (any color, style).  Skirted leotards are acceptable, however, the skirt must not be oversized or longer than 6" for students ages 2-6, 8" for students ages 7-11, 10" for students ages 12+.  For Boys, Bike Shorts and a Fitted Tank/T-Shirt are recommended.

    Convertible tights are recommended for Level Students.

    Warm-ups/Cover ups are allowed (sweatpants, sweat jackets, etc...), but will be removed at Instructor's request.  Because the studio is in the lower level, it can be cool -- especially in the summer when the air conditioning is on, so we recommend that students bring a sweatshirt or jacket for the beginning of class, until the muscles are sufficiently warmed and stretched.

    All basic dance and gymnastics needs (leotards, tights, jazz pants, bike shorts, etc...) are available for purchase at the studio -- the prices are very reasonable.

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Placement of Student

  1. How do I know which class to register my child in?

    Ages listed for all classes are GUIDELINES.  Some students may be required to take a class with younger students or may be moved to a group of older students, based on their attentiveness, abilities and Instructor's observations.

    Students with no previous experience should begin with a class that is on the younger end of the age recommendations for a class.  We may suggest a Student move to the next level if the Instructor believes their skills and abilities require a more challenging class.  We would rather move a student "up" in levels than "down" -- please be conservative in your class choices.

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  1. What if my child decides he/she doesn't want to continue classes?

    First, we sugggest you "be the parent" -- if you feel the class is good for them (lifelong health and wellness, building self-confidence, coordination, etc...), YOU decide they should complete the Semester.  If a student does not continue in subsequent Semesters, there is no loss.  Many students quit classes, then regret it later.

    If you start the Semester with the thought "what if he/she doesn't like it", you are already setting the Student up for defeat.  We do offer trial classes and free workshops so students can try a class with no obligation before registering.

    Keep in mind, young students don't always know what is best for them -- it is up to the parents to support them in making good choices.  Let's face it, if kids got to decide ... they'd eat ice cream all day and watch cartoons!

    The Refund Policy is available on the Registration and Tuition page.

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